Georgia Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance companies in Georgia provide comprehensive medical coverage and long-term financial protection. Families and individuals looking for the best health insurance companies in Georgia have their choice of several quality health insurance carriers. We have done our best to make shopping for health insurance in Georgia easy. Research health insurance options from Georgia's best health insurance companies listed below, or visit our health insurance reviews web page to see top rated individual health insurance, affordable health insurance or hsa health insurance plans.


Aetna is a national health insurance company that offers traditional copay health insurance, a value series with certain limited benefits to help make you premiums more affordable, and an HSA qualified high deductible health plan. Aetna also offers an affordable dental policy that can be added to your health insurance. If you have any preexisting health conditions Aetna may increase your premiums, but will not exclude coverage for the preexisting health condition as long as you are approved for coverage and had previous creditable health insurance coverage within the last 63 days.


Assurant in Georgia offers on of the best HSA qualified high deductible health plans. The One Decreasing Deductible HSA health insurance policy offers a deductible credit that lowers your deductible 10% twice per year, on January and July 1st once you've been insured for two months. Assurant also offers a quality short term health insurance policy and individual or family dental insurance.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

Selecting a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia insurance policy means that you will have access to one of the best physician and hospital networks in Georgia. The Blue Cross health insurance options include the benefit rich Premier health insurance, the cost saving SmartSense Plus and an HSA qualified high deductible health plan. Optional benefits include the Blue Choice dental, term life insurance and maternity benefits. While Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has the benefit of name recognition and affordable health insurance premiums, we find that their renewal health insurance premiums tend to be more expensive than other Georgia health insurance companies.


Cigna is a national health insurance company offering a traditional copay health insurance policy and an HSA qualified high deductible health plan here in Georgia. There is individual or family dental dental insurance that can be added as an optional benefit with your Cigna health insurance policy.

Coventry One Georgia

CoventryOne in Georgia offers multiple copay health insurance policies along with an HSA qualified high deductible health insurance. Starting with the comprehensive $30 copay policy CoventryOne also offers a $35 and $45 copay option to help keep your health insurance affordable. Coventry's HSA qualified high deductible health plan includes per member embedded deductibles on family policies and enhanced mental health benefits. With affordable premiums and renewal rates that are consistent with new business rates look to CoventryOne to find low cost health insurance. If you would like affordable dental insurance CoventryOne know offers their dental 25 for as little as $1 per member per month!

Humana One

Humana is a national healthcare provider with several copay health insurance options and an HSA qualified high deductible health insurance here in Georgia. Humana's most comprehensive copay health policy is their Enhanced Copay 80% plan, and they also offer lower cost health insurance policies such as the Copay 80% and Copay 70% policies. Humana offers two HSA health insurance plans with very competitive premiums in Georgia. Optional benefits include dental insurance, a Supplemental Accident benefit and an enhanced mental health benefit.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is Georgia's only HMO health insurance provider with a service area centered around the city of Atlanta and surrounding counties. In 2012 Kaiser introduced a new series of health policies including the comprehensive Classic plans, the more affordable Advantage health insurance policies and the low cost Essential health insurance. Kaiser Permanente of Georgia has several quality healthcare centers with lab and imaging services located in the same building, along with a pharmacy to make receiving your healthcare convenient and easy.

United Health One

United Health One plans are administered, issued and underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company. The Georgia health insurance policies include the comprehensive Copay Select with several deductible and coinsurance options to help meet your budget. UnitedHealthOne offers two HSA health insurance options, a 100% coinsurance and a 75% coinsurance option. Both the Copay Select and HSA health policies include the deductible credit benefit which lowers your original deductible 20% each year when you don't meet your prior year deductible, up to 50% of the original deductible!