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Stand alone dental plans are available to anyone looking for an individual or family dental insurance.
Stand alone dental plans.

Dental with Health Insurance

These dental plans may be added as an optional benefit when you purchase health insurance from one of these carriers.

Dental plans available with health plans.

Georgia Dental Plans

Georgia Individual Dental Insurance

Compare rates and benefits for Georgia's best individual and family dental insurance!

There are two different types of dental coverage - dental insurance and discount dental plans. With dental insurance the insurance company will pay your dental claims according to the benefit schedule, while discount dental plans provide significant savings when you receive your dental care from a participating dentist or dental facility.

In Georgia, dental insurance policies are available as an optional benefit when you purchase a health insurance policy, or you can purchase "stand alone" dental insurance that is available to anyone.

To research dental insurance benefits and rates click on one of the dental insurance types listed below.

Dental Plans sold with Health Insurance in Georgia

Dental Review: CoventryOne dental covers routine cleanings twice per year at 100% after your $25 deductible. Fillings and extractions covered at 60% after your deductible. Large selection of in-network dental providers. No waiting periods or benefit maximums. Dental coverage also provided for out of network dentists.
Insurance Rates: Dental costs about $1 per member, it's so affordable we include dental on all Coventry health quotes.
Additional Info: Coventry Dental Providers, Dental Application
Get Quotes: CoventryOne Direct, or Multi-Carrier quotes
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A Highly Recommended
Coventry One Dental 25
Review: Aa true dental insurance PPO plan with benefits provided for in and out of network dental expenses. In network pre-negotiated dental fees will provide a higher level of benefits. Waiting periods for basic and major services. One of the best dental insurance options available to Georgia residents.
Premiums: Dental rates and renewal premiums tend be moderately expensive.
Additional Info: Humana One Dental Providers
How to Apply: Add Traditional Plus dental when applying for a Humana individual health insurance.
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Humana One Traditional Plus Dental
Dental Review: Cigna offers an optional PPO dental insurance with their Georgia health insurance plans. The rates and benefits are similar to what you would find with group dental insurance. Benefits are provided for in and out of network dentists. Benefit waiting periods of 6 months for Basic services and 12 months for Major services.
Premiums: Individual dental insurance rates start at $24 for ages 0-24, and increase up to $42 for ages 60-64.
Additional Info: Cigna Dental Providers
Get Quotes: Cigna Direct, or Multi-Carrier quotes
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B+ Recommended
Cigna Dental PPO
Review: The Assurant Dental Plus policy is not dental insurance, but rather a reimbursement policy that pays you a set cash amount for each covered dental procedure received. It is a great dental option that allows you to see any dentist. Also available at a higher rate as a stand alone dental option.
Dental Rates: Monthly rates start around $20 for age 18-30 and up to $40 for age 61-64. Per child rates average $17.
Additional Info: Sample Contract, No dental network - see any dentist!
How to Apply: Add the Dental Plus policy when applying for an Assurant health insurance policy.
details icon Policy Details: Assurant Brochure
B+ Recommended
Assurant Dental Plus
Review: Blue Cross offers dental insurance coverage in Georgia for Preventive, Basic and Major dental care services. Large selection of In-Network dental providers. Coverage for Non-Network providers included - limited to the same reimbursement amount as In-Network dentists. Waiting periods for Basic and Major dental services.
Dental Rates: Monthly rates- Individual $27, Family $76
Additional Info: Dental Providers - BlueChoice Dental, Select - Locate Dental Providers
How to Apply: Add dental when applying for a Blue Cross health plan or complete the paper application.
details icon Policy Details: Blue Cross Brochure
B+ Recommended
Blue Cross Dental
Review: Aetna offers a good preventive care dental insurance option. Coverage also provided for non-network dentists - limited to the contracted maximum fee for participating providers. In network discounts provided for non-covered services. Most Basic and Major services provide In-Network discounts only.
Premiums: Individual dental rates $16, family dental rates are $16 per family member
Additional Info: Aetna Docfind, Provider Category - Dental Providers, Select a Plan - Aetna Individual PPO Dental
How to Apply: Add the Aetna dental plan when applying for an Aetna health insurance policy.
details icon Policy Details: Aetna Brochure
B+ Recommended
Aetna Individual Dental PPO Max
Review: Humana offers a good dental insurance PPO plan for preventive and basic dental services with benefits provided for both in and out of network dental care. Good premiums for the benefits provided. Six month waiting period for basic services. Major dental and orthodontic services are discounted in network only.
Premiums: Monthly rates: 1 member: $19.99, 2: $38.98, 3+: $76.96, plus one-time $35 enrolment fee.
Additional Info: Humana One Preventive Plus Dental Providers
Get Quotes: Humana Dental Quotes and Apply, or complete the paper application.
details icon Policy Details: Humana Brochure
B Recommended
Humana One Preventive Plus Dental