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Short Term health plans

Short Term Health Insurance

Consider a Georgia short term health insurance plan for temporary medical coverage for up to one year.

Short term health insurance is ideal if you know that you will be eligible for permanent health insurance within one year.

Short term health insurance is not the best solution for the long term because the policy is not guaranteed renewable and it also doesn't cover pre-existing health conditions. We recommend reading our short term health insurance reviews and ratings listed below then view your instant online quotes.

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Short Term Health Plan Reviews and Ratings

Short Term Medical Review:
The United Health One short term plan has a separate deductible apply for each different accident or illness. This can lead to high out of pocket expenses if confronted with more that one diagnosis or injury. As with all short term policies pre-existing conditions not covered and the policy is non-renewable. Short term health insurance rates are affordable and guaranteed for the benefit period selected, and only five health questions for approval!
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